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Fighting against unregulated development, oil pollution and environmental degradation in The Bahamas.

Fighting for transparency, accountability and environmental protection legislation.



Save the Bays (STB) is a registered non-profit that fights unregulated development and environmental degradation in The Bahamas with its community partners and other NGOs by raising awareness in the media and taking legal action. We also engage the local community on these issues through outreach and advocacy.


To date, STB has vocally challenged more than a dozen unsustainable development projects, and STB or its community partners have championed six of these to court over various irregularities and in two cases the court ordered illegal operations to shut down completely. 


We promote the Rule of Law, environmental protection legislation, conservation awareness and government transparency.


 STB is a member of the Waterkeeper® Alliance, and close collaborator with Waterkeepers® Bahamas which exists to monitor and protect the Bahamian waters and marine ecosystems.


Who are we?

Save The Bays is a diverse group of locals and international allies who care deeply about preserving the pristine environment of The Bahamas, and work closely with community partners to preserve and protect these beautiful islands, waters, and ecosystems. 


Our Community Partners


Waterkeeper Bahamas®
The Bahamas National Trust
The Nature Conservancy
Responsible Development for Abaco
Save Guana Cay Reef Association
The Bimini Blue Coalition 
Citizens for a Better Bahamas
Bahamas Reef Environmental Education Foundation
Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas

The West End Eco-Fishing Camp Association
Friends of the Environment 
The Andros Conservancy

We are environmental advocates who can count over 1,800 community service hours donated by our dedicated volunteers.  Since our launch in 2013, in conjunction with our community partners, we have:


• Challenged several developers in court for engaging in unregulated development.

• Challenged the Bahamas government in court and the local press for environmental pollution.

• Vocally advocated for an Environmental Protection and Freedom of Information Act.

• Presented environmental education programs to over 800 students in several schools in Bimini and Grand Bahama Islands


• Conducted our very own youth programs to include over 150 Junior High Schools students on Grand Bahama Island.


• Conducted monthly boat patrols around Grand Bahama, Bimini and New Providence Islands to monitor for pollution / environmental degradation of the coastline.

• Collected over 600 water samples on 20 Bahamian beaches on Grand Bahama, Bimini and New Providence Islands to test for water quality.