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History of Youth Environment Ambassador Program

Youth Environmental Ambassador (“YEA”) was initiated in 2013 under the direction of STB Chairman, Mr. Joseph Darville .  He strongly believes that by focusing on our youth, giving them knowledge and information to make them aware of environmental issues and right choices, they can become ambassadors to help in the fight to protect, preserve and lead our beautiful Bahamaland.


YEA Process Selection

The selection process of the students is done by the principals and or guidance counselors of both the public and private junior high schools on the island.  Students should demonstate a special and keen interest in science, environmental careers, outdoor activities program and above all, posses compassion for their environment.  Selected students are welcomed into the program by the directors and trained facilitators to facilitate them over the course of five months; January – May.

Who Can Apply?

This program is directed at junior high school students enrolled in grades 7 to 9 for the 2019-2020 school year on Grand Bahama Island.


What Are The Benefits of Joining “YEA?”

Becoming a Youth Environmental Ambassador, students develop personal, professional and leadership skills through out high school, college, their career and throught their lives.  The program is specially designed to teach leadership, communication, community engagement and advocacy skills that can not be learned in only a classroom.

As ambassadors, students:

  • Learn about local environmental issues;

  • Develop leadership skills;

  • Improve their public speaking abilities;

  • Receive advocacy training;

  • Earn community service hours; and

  • Develop their networking skills.


Focus Areas

Our focus areas and subjects that are covered during the five months with the students includes a variety of topics related to the Bahamian ecosystems. Youth Environmental Ambassadors through out the five months will learn how to give presentations on the following focus areas and topics:

  • Mangroves;

  • Coral reefs;

  • Black land coppice;

  • Blue holes; and

  • Marine life.


These topics for the projects goes into much efforts as the YEAs has three weeks to complete their topics before the pinning ceremony (completion of the YEA Program) and are guided by their facilitators to display on one of the chosen topics, what they have learnt over the five months in the program.  The program is divided into a leadership and information session, followed by a field activity of the above mentioned subject topics.

The leadership sessions includes:

  • Our very own method called Direction Alignment and Commitment (DAC) model

  • Values & Action;

  • Social Identity;

  • Mental models;

  • Growth and fixed mindset; and

  • Presentation skills.


Completion & Pinning Ceremony

At the end of the five month program, the YEA program holds a pining ceremony for the YEAs, which includes a graduation of the YEAs that would have passed and met the requirements of being a Youth Environmental Ambassador. This pining ceremony also includes the presentation of the topics that was in their main interest to present to their parents, guardians, friends and members of the society and supporters of Save The Bays Organization.

As we are going on our seventh year this year, we are looking to expand our YEA program to be able to get more students involved in as many schools as possible and would like to be able to continue equip them with the tools they need to be involved in this program. Therefore, your youth for this program is vital to us, as we seek to expand and make environmental awareness through our youth.

Join us in our efforts to help prepare our youth to becoming Environmental Ambassadors!



If you have further further questions, please email us at



Registration for the 2020 YEA programme is closed.

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