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Partnership with Waterkeepers Bahamas

Save the Bays works very closely with Waterkeeper Bahamas, which is a key partner in our efforts to monitor pollution and water quality levels, as well as in our community outreach efforts.
About Waterkeepers Bahamas


Waterkeepers Bahamas (WKB) is the regional entity under the global Waterkeeper® Alliance that focuses on helping communities to protect their water resources through field work and assessments, including monitoring beaches and watersheds throughout our Bahamian islands. The goals are: drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere; and a healthy Bahamian watershed that is accessible to all and globally recognized as the natural treasure it is.

We protect nature not for nature’s sake, but for our own sake because it’s the infrastructure of our communities.”

– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


What We Do?

At Waterkeepers Bahamas we focus on the following activities:

Waterkeepers Bahamas is a non-profit organization comprised of a diverse group of Bahamian and international individuals, as well as community partners that work together to preserve and protect our beautiful Bahaman lands, waters, and ecosystems.

Emery Beach Profiling – Beach profiles provide useful information for coastal monitoring studies and management processes. We at Waterkeepers Bahamas, beach profile to monitor our shorelines over a period of time to see how our beaches are being affected by catastrophic storms that take place during hurricane season each year.

Waterkeepers Cadets Programme – Our Waterkeepers Cadets Programme is for senior high school students that want to continue on their environmental leadership skills about the environment before they leave high school. The students would first have to join our YEA programme and be handpicked to continue on to this programme.

Water Quality Monitoring – Monitoring the water quality of our watersheds; to ensure swimmable, fishable, drinkable water for all. Our samples are collected biweekly, incubated in our lab and the results are posted on website.

Fred Smith, QC

Clifton-Western Bays Waterkeeper

Frederick Smith, QC has had an extensive practice in human rights, constitutional, and administrative law. Mr. Smith is now very active in environmental protection litigation. He is the managing partner of the oldest law firm in The Bahamas, Callenders & Co in Freeport and is a director of Save the Bays.


Joseph Darville

Grand Bahama Coastal Waterkeeper

Joseph is a native of Long Island, one of the islands of The Bahamas and has a passion for the environment of his beloved ‘Bahamaland’ that is unmatched. He is also President of Waterkeepers Bahamas and the Chairman for Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay aka Save the Bays. Joseph formerly taught at St. Augustine’s College and at Queen’s College, both in Nassau. He was also previously the Director of Workforce Development at the Grand Bahama Shipyard. He is fluent in French and is a Reiki Instructor.


Rashema Ingraham

Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper

Rashema T. Ingraham serves as both Bimini Coastal Waterkeeper and Executive Director of Waterkeepers Bahamas. Rashema is a certified paralegal who has 5 years of legal experience, working closely on environmental litigation matters. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of The Bahamas (now University of The Bahamas). It was her late grandfather who opened her eyes to the waterworld, taking her into his self-made canoes when she was much younger to catch fish and conch for the night’s enjoyment. She finds peace and tranquility in or near the water, so she spends most of her weekends at the beach with her two children.


What is Waterkeepers Alliance?

Waterkeeper ® Alliance hold polluters accountable.  The Alliance is the world’s largest nonprofit solely focused on clean water and Waterkeepers Bahamas is proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Locally, we work to preserve and protect Bahamian waters by connecting local Waterkeeper organizations and affiliates everywhere.

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