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Take Action


We need people like YOU to participate in any way you can protect and preserve our ecosystems.  There are a few ways you can help out, and we appreciate all efforts. Click the links below and sign up today!!

Become a Member: Support our programs and campaigns to help save and preserve the Bahamian environment through science, monitoring, education, and advocacy.

Make a Donation: Donate NOW! Your donation will go a long way.

Volunteer your time: There is so much more our organization can do with your help and support! We need you to help make a difference.

Join our Mailing lists: Stay up to date with our monthly newsletter

Schedule a Talk: We believe that a huge part of sticking to our mission involves us getting out there and speaking with the community, which we love doing.  Invite one of our skilled staff to speak with your group. Schedule a talk with us TODAY!

Report Pollution: All types of pollution somehow get into our waters.  If you notice any marine pollution (ocean, canals, creeks, or inland watersheds) please let us know right away, so that we can monitor as well as to engage the appropriate authorities.  Quick action can prevent or limit the negative impact it may have on marine life and human health.  Don’t ignore it, report it!

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