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Nygard Cay, New Providence Island

By far STB’s most complex, difficult and involved court challenge arose in connection with the illegal construction and dredging activities at Nygard Cay, located at the northern tip of Clifton Bay – an ecologically sensitive and culturally important marine body.


After nearly 30 years of environmentally destructive development at Nygard Cay, in 2010 the government informed the developer that his construction had been carried out without the proper permits and approvals, and ordered him to return the landscape and seabed to their original condition. This order was ignored, but the government failed to act.


In 2013, Save The Bays launched Judicial Review proceedings against the government for its failure to enforce its own order to reverse the illegal construction at Nygard Cay. This sparked a long and protracted court fight between STB, and the government and developer, in which the developer has been found in contempt of court several times and which led ultimately to our members being harassed, intimidated and threatened.


The Nygard Cay court cases include:

Judicial Review 1  - 2013

Judicial Review 2  - 2014


Judicial Review 3 - 2014 

Judicial Review, Harassment -  2016 

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