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Fundraising for Oil Campaign

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Protecting the pristine Bahamian waters

Over the last few weeks many Bahamians, residents and many global citizens have made public expressions about the need to stop any oil drilling activities in the pristine waters of the Bahamas.

Knowing that the life line of this beautiful country is heavily influenced by its crystal, clear waters, it seems absurd to think that a country that is most impacted by climate change would even be considered as an area to drill for oil - the very thing that is helping to increase the rate of climate change.

Knowing that there are so few options for relief to prevent or mitigate the events of oil drilling Save the Bays along with Waterkeepers Bahamas need the help and financial support of the local and global communities in raising funds to continue to fund its legal and social campaigns to end this madness. 

We need your help.  Time is of the essence.

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