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Bahamas Electricity Corporation,

Clifton Bay, New Providence Island

In June 2013 there was a huge oil spill at Clifton Pier, the government-operated power plant in Clifton Bay. The power company promised it would take steps to protect the area but failed to do so. As a result, the environmental damage continued. 


In 2015, Save The Bays commissioned an environmental report into pollution at Clifton Bay which found that the power plant was still a source of seepage of oil and other toxic substances into the sea, which was a threat to the coral reef populations, much of which had already been destroyed by pollution.


STB wrote several times to government ministers regarding its concerns about pollution in the area but received no response and no action was taken.


In 2016, we launched a $30 million lawsuit against the government  over its failure to address the massive pollution from the Clifton Pier pier station. We sought an injunction against the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, the state-owned operator of the plant and accused senior officials of failing to take appropriate action to regulate, monitor, control, investigate and prevent the ongoing contamination of this ecologically sensitive area.

The Supreme Court gave STB leave to launch Judicial Review proceedings, however in 2018 the government finally took action, making a number of significant improvements, including building an $11 million bulkhead with a built-in oil collection system. BEC also agreed to be more transparent in its dealings. The case is currently on hold as STB closely monitors the government’s ongoing pollution prevention and mitigation efforts.

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